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     2020 Royalty Court     

Cindy LaCombe Cobb-Queen Xanadu XXX.jpg

30th Annual Ball

Cheers To 30 Years!

March 1, 2020
CajunDome Conventio
n Center

Queen Xanadu XXX: Cindy LaCombe Cobb

King Xanadu XXX: Samuel K. Landers

Mnemosyne: Captain Lori Landry, "Pomegranate Martini"

Erato: Shari Saloom, Head Muse, "Signature Cocktail X-Pose"

            Melpomene: Kristy Sturm, "Bloody Mary"

Thalia: Kimi Hargrave, "Hurricane"

Clio: Susan Doucet, "Manhattan"

Terpsichore: Kathryn Arsement, "White Russian"

Euterpe: Denise Durel, "Pina Colada"

Polyhymnia: Cynthia Self, "Mojito"

Urania: Amy Hanna, "Ice Wine"

Calliope: Colleen Orgeron, "Blue Hawaii Cocktail"

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