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     2012 Royalty Court     


22nd Annual Ball

Xanadu's Xquisite Jewels

February 17, 2012
Cajundome Convention Center

Queen Xanadu XXII: Jacquelene Robeck
King Xanadu XXII: Bryan J. Han

Captain: Debbie K. Mills- Mnemosyne- "Xanadu's Jeweled Peacock"Clio: Debbie Guidry, “Pink Diamond from Australia”
Thalia: Jenny Feehan, “Amethyst from Brazil”
Erato: Stephanie McDaniel, “Emerald from Columbia”
Polyhymnia: Annette Lasseigne, “Ruby from India”
Euterpe: Karmen Blanco, “Opal from Mexico”
Melpomene: Yvette Connell, “Black and White Pearls from China”
Calliope: Gail Wilt, “Smoky Topaz from Greece”
Urania: Paulette Blanchet, “Sapphire from Russia”
Terpsichore: Paula Goodman, “Coral from Hawaii”

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